In the beginning, we dressed up.

When “social distancing” first started, we did our hair, dressed professionally (at least from the waist up) and put on make-up for those Zoom calls.

Then the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into more than a month.

I’ve noticed a seismic shift in the way we show up for those video calls. We’ve let our hair down – literally and figuratively.

For one thing, we haven’t been able to get to the salon, so our hair is longer, possibly (at least in my case) grayer, and generally a bit of a mess.

But it’s more than that. There’s a different feeling, a new attitude, more camaraderie, even on calls with people we’ve never met before. There’s no judgment of personal appearance or distractions that would have once been deemed unprofessional. Dogs barking in the background? No worries. Kids wandering by? Bring ‘em. Even on business calls with complete strangers, it’s like we’re all hanging out with friends.

Because let’s face it, we are all in this together. So forget the make-up. If your hair is a mess, turn off your video and let us look at your photo. Or don’t. It’s all good. Nobody’s judging you.

Whatever business you are in, you and your colleagues are all in this together. And we will get through it together. Separately, of course. But united in ways that are more important than physical proximity. And that is one of a precious few silver linings to this whole crisis. It’s absolutely unreal to be physically separated from other people, but at least we are separated together.

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