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We’ve Let Our Hair Down

When “social distancing” first started, we did our hair, dressed professionally (at least from the waist up) and put on make-up for those Zoom calls.

Then the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into more than a month.

I’ve noticed a seismic shift in the way we show up for those video calls. We’ve let our hair down – literally and figuratively.

Morgan and Jesse Shouldn’t Have to Fight Cancer Alone

Earlier this year, I agreed to participate in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) 10-week Man and Woman of the Year fundraising challenge. Here’s why: I’ve been blessed with good health, a wonderful family and amazing friends. Yet I have watched too many...

Howdy, Partner! What Did You Learn at Your First Job?

Do you remember your first job? Mine was working behind the counter at Roy Rogers, a fast food chain that was popular in the early 80s. I was 16 years old, although I looked 12, and I had just gotten my working papers. I was a cashier and occasionally worked on...

Read, Write, Pray…My New Year’s Resolutions

Every year without fail I make a list of New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes the list is formal, ranked in order of priority, written down, tacked up where I can see it. Other times I simply make a few silent vows and commit them to memory. Either way, the start of a...

List of New Year's resolutions

An Angel in a Jeep?

I decided (for once) to be virtuous. Instead of parking in the closest possible spot to the entrance, I parked in the furthest reaches of the lot. After all, I was going to the gym to sweat for an hour. What would be the point of parking right next to the door....

Flooded road

Celebrating 30 Years in Healthcare Marketing

I celebrated a birthday this month. I am older than I have ever been before, and younger than I ever will be again. If I were a man, and President of the United States, I would be considered youthful. But I am neither, so let’s just say I am a “seasoned” healthcare...

cake celebrating 30 years in healthcare marketing

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