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Read, Write, Pray…My New Year’s Resolutions

Every year without fail I make a list of New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes the list is formal, ranked in order of priority, written down, tacked up where I can see it. Other times I simply make a few silent vows and commit them to memory. Either way, the start of a...

List of New Year's resolutions

An Angel in a Jeep?

I decided (for once) to be virtuous. Instead of parking in the closest possible spot to the entrance, I parked in the furthest reaches of the lot. After all, I was going to the gym to sweat for an hour. What would be the point of parking right next to the door....

Flooded road

Celebrating 30 Years in Healthcare Marketing

I celebrated a birthday this month. I am older than I have ever been before, and younger than I ever will be again. If I were a man, and President of the United States, I would be considered youthful. But I am neither, so let’s just say I am a “seasoned” healthcare...

cake celebrating 30 years in healthcare marketing

New Speaker Added to “Toolkit for Independence” Symposium on Feb. 27

On Tuesday, February 27, PrescRXptive Communications and ECM Management are co-sponsoring "Toolkit for Independence: Tips and Techniques for a Successful Medical Practice." This complimentary dinner symposium features distinguished expert speakers who will provide...


Does Your Website Suck?

Not to be rude, but, there’s a decent chance that your website sucks. Admittedly, it might not. Maybe your company is one of the few that understands that your website should be designed to meet the needs of your customers rather than your management. But then...


Don’t Spend One Penny on Marketing Your Medical Practice

My daughter needs to have her tonsils removed. I was instructed to leave a message on the surgical scheduler’s voicemail and she would get back to me to set a date for the procedure. I did as I was told…two weeks ago. And then again three days later. And then again...

Don’t Spend One Penny on Marketing Your Medical Practice

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